About Us

Our first company was started in 1968 to deliver
appliances and large items for a local Sears catalogue
store. We acquired several local household moving
companies in subsequent years, and purchased tractors
to expand into interstate moving and dry van freight.  Our
reputation expanded through word-of-mouth, and soon
we were contacted to haul for our first show account,
Caribiner in NYC.

We created the name CATTS to differentiate this
company from our others and from other carriers.  We
needed to have a name that said exactly what our
specialty is, and a name that people would associate
with the entertainment industry and was easy to
remember.  Since Cats was such a popular long-running
production at the time, it was the inspiration for our
name.  CATTS, Convention And Theatre Transport
Specialists, in Broadway NJ, was incorporated in 1991.

DOT #686003  MC#318830
About Us
We Carry Cargo With Purr-sonality!